A Most Unusual Artist

March 5, 2015

May we proudly introduce our latest haul of magnificent treasures to trade and share with thee.


On a recent outing, our Captain acquired a fine selection of erotic prints produced by none other than the legendary “R.T. Zann”!!!


Zann’s works have been banned in at least three states, and he is currently wanted for crimes against artistic decency in a further four. Suffice to say these works are both rare and unique, and may well be some of the last available (for a very-modest-cash-only fee). Ask to speak with the Captain for a viewing, and see if we can tempt you with a cuppa whilst you decide which one, (or ones) is for you…

May the tides be kind to yer keel…


Bosun Billy Hook




A Note From The Artist:


Ladelees, Gentlefolks, Punters, Lords, Loons and Fellow Beings of all sorts…


My most splendid of greetings and salutations!


I bring to thee a most illicit and tantalizing array of erotic art, with which to stoke thy muse!


Please tarry a while whilst you sup your refreshments, and take a viewing of my portfolio of works at your leisure.


Each is unique, and crafted by my own fair hand, using antiquated analogue techniques near-lost to the digital age.


And each, is available to you, to own forever (for a modest fee).


Commissioned works are also undertaken, should you desire something more personally specific.


Please speak with my agent; Sir Nicholas Pennyworth at the good ship “The Nauti*us” for a more detailed discussion of your needs.


Above all, I hope you enjoy my Art.



            Your humble Artist


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