Now what do we 'ave 'ere then...

April 19, 2014

Bosun Billy 'ere again, with a most curious discovery to report - but keep it quiet, or Mr P'll 'ave my beard, and goodness knows what else!


You may remember that not long ago, on shore-leave, I was forced - forced, I say! - to, ahem, liberate a few items from Mr P's stash in order to quench a little bit of a gamblin' fracas.


Well, it seems that stuck to the bottom of the box of bits 'n' bobs I picked up, was a page from a journal of Mr P's, recountin' some of the other items he found alongside that fossil - beads, runes an' the like (which sound mighty interestin' by themselves) - but also a book, and a very special book at that, by the sounds of things!


Now I've got some inquiries I need to make of my own 'bout this book, but I'll be back with more info as soon as I 'ave it. In the meantime, keep it under your hat and take a quick spin to the sign of the tentacles - while he's busy shiftin' beads an' runes, he might not notice what I've found out, and I'll get to keep me beard!


Remember - shhhhh!

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