Lost me shirt again!

March 30, 2014

Avast, me merry fellahs! Bosun Billy 'ere again - and I've a tear to shed on ya shoulder, I'm sorry to say... 


Shore leave is always a cause for celebratin', but it can leave a man with a terrible hangover, that's for sure! Now myself and me shipmates are partial to a game or two, and this last outin'  we found ourselves carousin' with two brothers from Ningbo. When they offered us a challenge with this newfangled thing they called Mahjong, we could hardly turn 'em down, now could we?


Seems that rum and learnin' new rules don't mix too well,  and next thing we know there's a mighty sum of money bein' spoken of very seriously indeed as one that we really ought to get 'old of, lickety spit!


Now luckily, we know where Mr P keeps some mighty interestin' things, and managed to barter our way out of the situation with our 'eads still on our shoulders and our beards still on our chins...


Don't tell Mr P, for goodness sake, but if yer want to see how we got out of it, follow the sign of the tentacles.


Anyway, 'nuff said, time I went to lie low for while...


Bosun Billy Hook


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