Castles and spirits...

March 23, 2014

A recent visit to some old Colonel’s castle has brought us back a sliver of supernatural rage! ‘Tis said that a spectre punched the kitchen wall in a fury and left his ghostly fist printed in the tile work itself. Rumours abound as to what provoked this turn, but perhaps it’s best for us never to know such things…


Our resident witchdoctor and headshrinkin’ shaman, Mr Grubbs, says it’s also a good proofing piece, and could be used to scare off lesser infestations of daemons djinn and spirits, as "it innherrently implyes the presence of a more powerful force to create suche an effect from the eff-eer-eeyal realm"


Can’t say as I entirely get it myself of course… but we got our forgers to make us a few for the galley just in case.


I shall leave ye with these wise words from the fine Captain: “If the truth isn’t interesting enough, imagine something entirely more complex"


Can't say as I really know what the barnacled-bilge-grime he was babooning on about of course.  If anyone has any ideas do let me know.


For the now then mateys, good sailing and sweet winds, and don’t forget to examine our haul on yer way past - just follow the sign o' the tentacles!


Bosun Billy Hook

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