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March 13, 2014

They call me The Collector, though my real name is Nicholas - Nicholas Pennyworth to be precise and complete. I got that moniker because I understand collectors (if you get my drift) and because I can collect things I guarantee you have never seen the like of.


I know what you're thinking: that is a tall, tall claim my son: and one I've heard many times before. What makes you so special then?


See, when I was just a little 'un, my grandpa showed me something that he found when he was away at sea, adventuring his youth away in distant lands. He took it and brought it back here to Blighty, kept it for the whole of his life, and never, ever understood its purpose.


Now I don't know if this thing he brought home was born of the sea or whether the sea simply turned it up and put it in my grandpa's hands. But I do know that when he died, he never left a will and my great aunt, bein' his closest living relative, got his scant belongings. She had no use for most of them and told me an' my brothers to take what we wanted.


I remembered this thing, I remembered it clear as day though he'd only shown it to me once or twice, and I dug through the piles of old clothes stinkin' of pipe tobacco, and the yellow moldy papers of a lifetime of toil and servitude that constituted his left-behind things, and I found it and took it for mine.


That, my lords and ladies, is how I came to be in possession of The Door.


The Door to the Back of Beyond, to the Furthest Corners of The Unknown.

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