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You Too Can Summon the Nauti*us!


Mr Pennyworth has decided to dip his toes (or those he has left, at any rate) into privateering and is proud to announce that his vessel - and, for the brave, his crew - are available for hire! 

The Nauti*us


The Nauti*us is a visually stunning versatile mobile environment, suitable for a range of voyages - as a refreshment stand, bar, information point (you really can't miss her!), vending point - if you have your own ideas, please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss her suitability.


A splendid addition to any event, you can "dry-hire" her and staff her yourselves, we can staff her for you, or run her with her native crew as Mr Pennyworth does: a place to buy tea and otherwordly goods.



Ship's Manifest


The Nauti*us is approximately 5m long from the rear of her cabin to the front of the mushroom cap, 3m wide at her widest point and 3m high at her tallest point.


She breaks down into components and can get through surprisingly small doors, but if you are wondering wether you can get her in (and out!) of your venue, please get in touch


Her rear cabin, accessed through the saloon-style doors you can see in the pictures, is spacious, includes suspended shelving and can act as semi-secure storage. The portholes in her hull can be used as display cabinets for samples, promotional materials, or decorative objects.


Hiring The Nauti*us


Hiring the Nauti*us for your event couldn't be simpler: we deliver and assemble her and then dismantle and collect her: you just tell us when.


We offer additional services - such as running her as a tea-stand or staffing her as a bar or making a full appearance as the transdimensional vessel crewed by Mr P and his band of disreputable Alterpreneurs.



Please note that we are not a licensed bar, and if you wish to serve alcoholic drinks from the Nauti*us you must make your own arrangements for supply of stock and make sure any licensing requirements are met. 

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