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Alterpreneur Of The Month


Mr Pennyworth likes to incentivise his merry band of ne'er-do-wells - but since he holds the view that the filthy lucre must be earned, he prefers to offer them the opportunity to earn "Alterpreneur of The Month" and double rations of gruel.

Delirium Dave
The Month of May
Hilda Gilbert

Hilda claims that when her sister Elizabeth married, she took the opportunity to ride the adventurous spirit of the times. How she came to take Mr P's shilling and be sailing with such a shady crew remains unclear, but she is Capt. Nick's painter-in-residence, producing Landscapes of Beyond through psychic resonance with The Door (she like a good seance, does our Hilda). Her recent work on a very unusual landscape indeed has earned Alterpreneur of The Month!

Delirium Dave
The Month of March
Delirium Dave

Mr P's personal Master of Seances; accounts vary as to whether what he saw as this picture was taken was a departed spirit or a uniformed representative of H.M.Government

Delirium Dave
The Month of April
Gunpowder Grady

Some say a rum sort; handles ordnance and traps to preserve Mr P's delicate disposition when it comes to things that go "bang".  "GG" (as he's known to his shipmates - when well out of earshot) wins this month's accolade on account of his recent outstanding contribution to the field of Hat Weevil control.

Delirium Dave
The Month of June
Ebeneezer Baade

Some things are created extraordinary, some things need... encouragement, and Ebeneezer is the Alterpreneur Mr P relies on for his persuasive powers. Pictured here with what would have been just another Italian bell tower, but for the application of Mr Baade's talents, at which point it acquired a feature that made it into one of the world's most famous buildings.

Just remember - you didn't hear it from us...

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